rental conditions

nederlandse vlag



  • Studio rental for cultural activities in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Studios can only be rented for whole hours, with a minimum of 2 hours.
  • Studios are open 7 days a week from 9:00 till 22:30.
  • Studios are NOT suitable for feasts and parties or for the use of amplified music.
  • Cliffordstudio determines if a studio is suitable for the intended use by the tenant.





  • A confirmed booking – also by telephone – is financially binding.
  • Changes in the reservation can only be made in consultation and if possible.



It is possible to take an option on a studio, free of charge, on the following conditions:

  • An option must be confirmed as soon as possible, 7 days in advance at the latest.
  • If another organization has an interest in the same date and time, we will contact you and ask to confirm or cancel your reservation. The option must be confirmed or cancelled within 24 hours. If not, the option will automatically expire.
  • If you want to rent a studio within a period of 7 days or less, an option is NOT possible.




  • In case of cancellation from two weeks prior to the reservation date, 25% of the rental price will be charged to the tenant.
  • In case of cancellation from one week prior to the reservation date, 50% of the rental price will be charged to the tenant.
  • In case of cancellation from 24 hours prior to the reservation date, 100% of the rentalprice will be charged to the tenant.
  • In case of no-show 100% of the rent will be charged.




  • The tenant is obliged to pay the rent within 30 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • The tenant is obliged to provide us with the correct invoice details. This includes:

– Address
– Project number
– For the attention of
– Other information of importance to the tenant

If the invoice needs adjustment afterwards, administration costs are charged, from € 35,00.

  • In the event of overdue payment of the rent or any additional costs Cliffordstudio is entitled to charge statutory interest from the moment the tenant is in default.
  • The prices in our quotations are exclusive of VAT.




  • All tenants receive keys to the building upon paying a deposit of € 50,00. The deposit will be refunded when the keys are returned. The tenant is expected to return the keys within one week after the last day of rent.
  • When receiving the keys, a statement must be signed, which regulates how to act in the event of loss or theft of the keys and up to what amount one can be held liable if the lock and/or keys must be replaced.