domestic regulations

The Cliffordstudio Foundation strives to make nice and clean studios available for everyone, and to create a good working atmosphere. Since many people use the building and Cliffordstudio only has a small staff, we kindly ask you to follow these rules:

House rules

  • n every studio and in various places in the building there is an excerpt from the House Rules available regarding the use of these spaces. Every user is obliged to inform himself of these rules and act accordingly.


  • The management is located in the Cliffordstudio offices on the first floor – phone number +3120 68 28 509 – and coordinated by Nienke Berghuis.
  • Gertjan Bolkensteijn is the caretaker of the building. Together they supervise the enforcement of the regulations.

Questions and complaints

  • Contact us by phone on workdays between 9:00 and 14:00, leave a voice message or send an email to


To make sure the next tenant can work in a clean studio, when leaving the space, everyone is expected to:

  • sweep the floor and clean the table.

    • we provide: a wiper with fleece wipes (‘swiffer’), only wiping with a clean cloth does the trick! (change the wipe after using it for the next tenant), dustpan and tin, dish cloth and garbage can;
    • if you need to mop, there is a bucket and mop in the dressing room available on the ground floor;
    • cleaning products can be found in the sink cabinet in the kitchen and in the dressing room, both on the ground floor.
  • If you don’t find the studio in a clean condition when your rental starts: follow procedure under Questions and complaints.
  • If something is broken or missing in the (cleaning) inventory, please let us know.
  • If you use chairs from the corridor, please return them to the exact same spot afterwards. Also put the tables back in original position.
  • If we don’t find the studios cleaned as agreed in the Domestic Rules, we will charge a fee of € 35.00 (excluding VAT).

Telephone / facilities

  • Mobile phone usage is only permitted in the hall downstairs. Please talk gently: phone calls at full strength will be heard in the Grote Studio (also see Noise pollution)
  • Use of the computer (limited), telephone, copy machine and printer in the Cliffordstudio office are possible for a fee.

Fire or other calamities

  • The user is responsible to inform himself of how to act in case of calamities such as fire. When a dangerous situation occurs, users must inform the office as soon as possible (Mon-Fri 9:00 – 14:00) and/or call the emergency number 112.
  • Everyone must leave the building as quickly as possible.
  • Maps of the escape routes and evacuation alarms are located at the front door and on both floors near the stairs. Fire extinguishers can be found in the Grote Studio downstairs, at the top of the stairs on the right and halfway down the corridor on the first floor.
  • Extinguishing blanket can be found in the Grote Studio.
  • Fire hoses can be found on both floors behind the swinging doors at the left.
  • In case of an emergency, first press the evacuation alarm and make sure that everyone leaves the building as quickly as possible.

Front door

  • The front door must always remain closed. In case of loading or unloading there must be supervision at the door. Do not let unknown people enter! Visitors should ring the doorbell.
  • The studio opens daily at 9:00. If the shutters are still down, please wait in the hall or outside. This means that the alarm system is still activated. Contact emergency number +31 6 45012593. One of our employees will assist you.
  • Only use this number if you have a reservation but cannot enter the studio.
  • The front door must be locked after 17:00 and during the entire weekend, also on the inside.


  • Bikes must be parked outside. Bicycles that are parked inside will be put on the street without a warning.

First Aid

  • First aid boxes are present in the Cliffordstudio office, in the kitchen on the ground floor and in the Large Studio. If something is missing, please let us know.


  • It is illegal to smoke inside this building! Smoking is allowed under the roof in the garden (please deposit your cigarettes in the ashtray) DO NOT SMOKE AT THE FRONT DOOR: THIS WILL DISTURB OUR NEIGHBOURS AND INCREASES THE RISK OF INTRUDERS!

Studio use

  • The dressing room downstairs can be used by all studio users! The lock on the dressing room door may only be used during performances.
  • Do not enter the Grote Studio with street shoes. “Slippers” to cover the shoes can be found in the dressing room on the ground floor.
  • The tribune in the large studio may not be pulled out!
  • As soon as it gets dark, close the curtains to avoid light pollution for our neighbours.
  • When leaving the studio, please turn the heater off (on the star), unless there is a label that says: ‘radiator aanlaten’ which means ‘leave the radiator on’
  • When you leave, close the windows and turn off the sound system and lights in the studio.
  • Do not leave anything behind in the studio or dressing room.
  • In the evenings and during weekend: the last one that leaves the building has to turn off all the lights.

Noise nuisance

  • Noisiness of the building allows live and amplified music only in exceptional situations with the permission of management.
  • In case another studio user is too loud, first try to get in touch with the user yourself. If this doesn’t work, please contact the Cliffordstudio office. Also pay attention to your own volume!
  • Please note that the use of mobile phones can also cause noise pollution to other studio users.
  • When working on Sundays and after 22:00, please pay extra attention to our neighbours.
  • Take in consideration the other studio users and our neighbours when leaving Cliffordstudio. Don’t slam the front door but hold it while closing.


  • Damage caused by the tenant, to the building or inventory, is at the expense of the tenant. Damage must be reported immediately to the Clifford Studio.

Public areas (hallways, kitchen and garden)

  • Public areas may not be used for rehearsal, storage, decor workshop or meetings, unless discussed and approved by management.
  • The kitchen downstairs can be used by everyone.
    After usage:

    • Wash dishes, dry them and clean them up. Contact the Cliffordstudio office in case of any damage.
    • Coffee, tea, etc. may be left behind, at your own risk, in an appropriate box in the cabinets. Boxes can be obtained at the Cliffordstudio office during work hours. Anything left outside of this box is for common use.
    • If you leave items in the fridge, please mark them with name and date.
  • The following areas can be used for having a break, drinking coffee, etc.:

    • Grote Studio: first part of the hall.
    • Kleine Studio and Production Studio: the niche at the end of the hall.
      Check availability with staff if the Clifford studio is in use.
    • Huiskamer: around the kitchen.
  • Conversations in the kitchen will disturb users of the Huiskamer. Please check if someone is working in there when you want to take a break

We wish you all a great and creative time at the Cliffordstudio and thank you for your cooperation.

The Cliffordstudio staff