Covid-19 policy

update November 19, 2021

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Summary of general rules for the prevention of COVID-19:

  • Everyone from the age of 18 needs a corona ticket to gain access to activities of organized art and culture. Tenants carry out this check themselves on their participants.
  • Access to the Clifford studio by appointment only.
  • Don’t shake hands.
  • Keep at least 1.5 meters away from each other in the general areas.
  • Wash your hands regularly (use soap and paper towels).
  • Stay home if you or your roommate has flu symptoms (and observe the quarantine period).
  • We clean everything together on a daily basis, we all contribute to this.

The Cliffordstudio wants to welcome everyone in a safe and productive environment. To make this possible, we must jointly adhere to a number of agreements. This protocol describes the measures we take to use the Cliffordstudio as safely as possible.

The basis for this protocol are the obligations from the government and RIVM to keep the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) manageable. If there are new changes to the policy, we will adjust the guidelines below to the current situation.

Rules for lessons and rehearsals in the arts and culture sector

  • Art and culture is allowed.
  • There is no maximum number of visitors for locations for art and culture practice.
  • Everyone from the age of 18 needs a corona ticket to gain access to these locations or activities of organized art and culture practices.
  • Group lessons and group rehearsals are allowed.
  • Singing is allowed inside and outside.

When no corona check needed?

People who are at work are exempt from the corona ticket. Theater and dance teachers, for example, do not need a corona check during their work.

The teacher/director/supervisor of the group is responsible for checking the participants’ corona admission ticket. To do this, you can download the CoronaCheck Scanner from the app store with a smartphone. The app then clearly indicates how a corona check can be performed.

Due to the corona ticket, there is no maximum number of participants per room yet, but we advise you to stick to the following numbers as a guideline:

  • Large Studio (Grote Studio) max. 20 people sitting on chairs, max. 12 actively moving. In the case of a presentation, different numbers apply.
  • Living room (Huiskamer) max. 12 people sitting on chairs, max. 8 actively moving.
  • Small Studio (Kleine Studio) max. 12 people sitting on chairs, max. 8 actively moving.
  • Production studio (Productie Studio) max. 12 people sitting on chairs, max. 8 actively moving.

Shows/events etc.

Any interaction with the public poses an increased risk of contamination with COVID-19 and we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the virus during a performance, meeting, event etc. . We recommend that you adhere to safety policies, local laws and restrictions. Before you come, check the website of the central government for more information about corona tickets and requirements.

Remaining agreements

  • Parents who take their children away are not allowed inside, and they are not allowed to wait in the hall or in the courtyard during class.
  • If there is a subsequent lesson in the Grote Studio, the first group will change in the studio itself and the second group in the dressing room. The first group leaves the Large Studio through the hallway door and the second group can enter through the dressing room door.
  • If there are users who show symptoms of the COVID-19 virus or have family members who show symptoms, they unfortunately cannot use the studio. This must be communicated well in advance by the person who rents the studio. (See also symptoms of illness.)
  • When using the general areas, you must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and give any other user the space they need.


Users can use the available disinfecting gel and cleaning agents for door handles, etc. on arrival, departure and in between.
Users have ample opportunity to wash hands frequently and use paper towels.
Request to tenants to clean door handles, chairs and tables after use (cleaning products are available for this).
The toilets and common areas will be cleaned regularly.

In case of symptoms

  • If participants themselves or their housemates have flu symptoms (sore throat, sneezing, cough, nose cold, difficulty breathing and/or fever), they should stay at home. We communicate this to participants when they want to make a reservation for a studio. (The symptoms and duration of the quarantine that the RIVM maintains are leading in this).
  • Users are only allowed to come back to us after 48 hours of being complaint-free. If we have a very strong suspicion that someone is infected with the COVID-19 virus, we will contact the GGD.

We wish you a pleasant and healthy use of our studios!

Team Clifford Studio