A 2016 Love Story

An original farce by the up & coming Irish playwright Denis Burke, ‘A 2016 Love Story’ plunges us straight back into that tumultuous year. Embroiled in a madcap world of fake news, celebrity deaths & political mayhem, a chance meeting between implacable enemies hints that all is not lost and that, perhaps, love really does conquer all.

About Downstage Left

Downstage Left is Amsterdam’s newest international theatre group. Bringing together actors from many backgrounds and cultures, we dish up original English-language theatre in conventional and  unconventional settings.

Website: http://downstageleft.org

Speeldata 2019

vr 17, za 18 20.00, zo 19 mei, 15.00 
Cliffordstraat 38, 1051 GV Amsterdam